A listing of presentations I have given in public.

NYC CAMP 2015 - Building Apps with DrupalGap

I was invited (and accepted with grace and thanks) to speak at the United Nations headquarters in New York City for NYC CAMP 2015, a Mission-Driven Open Source Conference.

DrupalCamp Michigan 2015 - Building Mobile Apps by Example

As an organizer, volunteer and sponsor for DrupalCamp Michigan 2015, I was also able to present a session:

The session slides are available here:

Silicon Valley Drupal User Group Tele-presentation January 2015

I was invited to do a telepresentation for the Silicon Valley Drupal User Group in January of 2015. Here are the presentation slides:

DrupalCamp Ohio 2014 - Building Mobile Apps by Example

On November 14th, 2014 in Columbus, I did a presentation that built 2 example mobile applications in one hour with Drupal and DrupalGap.

Ann Arbor Drupal User Group - June 2014

I did a live presentation which followed this tutorial:

During the presentation, I created an e-commerce website for Drupal 7 with Drupal Commerce. Then utilized DrupalGap to build a mobile application that synchronized with the Drupal 7 site's online store.

DrupalCon Austin 2014 - Commerce In-App Purchases: Sell Products with a Custom Mobile App

I did a joint session with Scott Hooker (from Commerce Guys) on how to build a mobile app for in-app purchases with Drupal Commerce and DrupalGap.

DrupalCamp Michigan 2013 - DrupalGap Presentation

Here are the presentation slides about DrupalGap from DrupalCamp Michigan 2013 in Ann Arbor on October 12th.

University of Michigan Drupal Developers - April 2013

Presented a demonstration mobile application for the University of Michigan Library's Drupal site. The mobile application was built using DrupalGap. Reviewed the code involved in making the mobile application.



University of Michigan Mobile Developer Community Meeting - November 2012

I presented a tutorial on how to build a mobile application using PhoneGap for Android. The mobile application retrieved the device's coordinates and sent the coordinates to Drupal, which then would return nodes with locations that are closest to the given coordinates.


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