Addictive Drums in Ubuntu 12


This tutorial describes how to get Addictive Drums working in Ubuntu 12.04. Rock and roll, no time to fiddle...

1. Install Jack

  • Use synaptic package mager to install jackd
    • during the install, check the 'Enable realtime process priority?' box, then click 'Forward'

2. Set ulimit

  • open /etc/security/limits.conf and add these lines (replace 'tyler' with your Ubuntu user name)
    • tyler hard rtprio 95
    • tyler soft rtprio 95
    • tyler hard memlock unlimited
    • tyler soft memlock unlimited
  • open /etc/pam.d/su and make sure the following line is present, and not commented out
    • session    required
  • open a terminal window, and type this command: ulimit -r -l
    • verify real time priority is 95
    • verify max locked memory is unlimited
    • if the values don't match, restart your computer and check the values again from the terminal

3. Install Wine

  • use synaptic package manager to install wine
  • open 'wine configuration'
    • switch to the 'Audio' tab
    • click 'Test Sound' to verify sound works
    • click 'OK'

4. Install Addictive Drums

  • insert the Addictive Drums DVD into your drive (mount it)
    • you may have to copy the contents of the DVD to your Desktop to complete the next step, once installation is complete, you can delete the files from your Desktop
  • locate the Addictive Drums .exe file using the Ubuntu file browser, right click on it and open it with the wine program loader
  • use all the default settings suggested by the installation wizard
  • sit back and relax while the program installs... perhaps even put your feet up, guy
  • close any confirmation windows that are displayed when the installation is complete

5. Install dssi-vst

  • use synaptic package manager to install dssi-vst

6. Open Jack

  • open QjackCtl
    • click the 'Start' button
    • click the 'Messages' button and pretend you know what they all mean, and leave the messages window open

7. Open Wine

  • open 'wine configuration'
  • switch to the Audio tab

8. Open a Terminal Window and Launch Addictive Drums

Use a terminal command like this:

vsthost ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/VSTPlugIns/Addictive\ Drums.dll


There you have it, you should now be rocking out with Addictive Drums in Ubuntu 12. Once you've completed this process, you only need to use steps 6-8 to get back up and running next time you want to rock.

Possible Troubleshooting Ideas

It took me a long time and lots of messing around to get this to work. Here are some possible things that may help this work along the way:

  • restart computer
  • power down computer
  • use synaptic package manager to install ardour
    • then open ardour at least once, then close it
  • copy the "Addictive Drums.dll" and remove the space from the file name so it lives here: /usr/local/lib/vst/AddictiveDrums.dll
    • ​in step #8 above, use this command instead: vsthost /usr/local/lib/vst/AddictiveDrums.dll



I'm working on this for so long and finally I found yout post... Thank you so much.

I'm having troubles with jack, it says that it can't conect a server or a client... What does this means?

And... When you say Addictive drums is  the second version? I mean Addictive Drums 2?


tyler's picture

Hi Tonny,

This article was written for AD1 and worked well for it. Now that AD2 is out, I was never able to get this to successfully work (with Ubuntu 14.04).

I actually ended up buying a refurbished mac book air for this exact reason, and with that I was able to easily use the AD2 installer and Guitar Pro 6's midi exporter to build new drum tracks.

The reason I did this was I couldn't get Wine to work with the new AD2 online installer. I even contacted the AD support team, and they said they don't support Linux boxes.

So sadly, I'd recommend just buying a Mac or Windows box, because it just "works" and doesn't require hours/days of tinkering to get it to work. Best of luck, rock onward!

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