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Install gource in Ubuntu 10.10 to visualize a git repo


Download gource 0.37 (0.38 had too many dependencies that appear to be for Ubuntu 11+), extract its contents to your Desktop (or wherever you want), navigate to the directory where the files were extracted, then execute the following terminal commands (checkout the contents of the INSTALL file for more details):

# ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/gource/0.37
# make
# sudo make install
# cd /usr/bin
# sudo ln -s /usr/local/gource/0.37/bin/gource

If the ./configure command fails, you'll most likely need to install the dependency it prints out in the terminal window.

If all goes well, you should be ready to visualize your git repo:

gource /var/www/my-website-git-repo

You must visualize, Daniel san! Here's a nice example:

gource --viewport 640x480 --max-files 1000 --key -a 1 -s 1 --hide dirnames,filenames /var/www/my-website-git-repo

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