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PhoneGap Android ./create: line 66: javac: command not found


When trying to run this terminal command for PhoneGap in Ubuntu:

cd ~/Desktop/phonegap-2.7.0/lib/android/bin
./create ~/Desktop/phonegap-code/MyProject com.mycompany.myproject MyProject

I received this error:

./create: line 66: javac: command not found

To fix this, I had to install this (from Synaptic Package Manager):


I had to remove the bogus directory that was created on the first creation failure:

rm -rf ~/Desktop/phonegap-code/MyProject

Now, re-run the create command:

cd ~/Desktop/phonegap-2.7.0/lib/android/bin
./create ~/Desktop/phonegap-code/MyProject com.mycompany.myproject MyProject

All set!


This is why I love the Internet and this is why I love developing. Man, how did they do it without... damn.

You run into a problem? No worries, someone else sure has a blog explaining it very quickly.

Thanks. Javac was giving me a headache. I really wish PhoneGapp would have more detailed instructions for setting everything up on Linux for noobs like me.

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