Website Development


I have been utilizing the Internet since my family's first dial up connection in 1995. The first webpage I made was in 1996 and was hosted on GeoCities. Little did I know at the time, that today I would still be working on the development of websites on a regular basis. Today, I enjoy utilizing the following:

  • HTML / CSS / HTML5
  • SSH / SSL / FTP
  • GIT / SVN

Until I started using Drupal in 2007, I enjoyed implementing, utilizing and maintaining an in-house proprietary CMS that I had developed for a LAMP environment. Today, I use Drupal both as a content management system and as a framework for mobile applications.

Here is a listing of some websites I have been involved with:

DomainResponsibilitiesTime Frame
jdrupal.orgProject LeadDecember 2013Present
drupalgap.orgProject LeadJanuary 2012Present
lib.umich.eduDrupal Developer / DesignerFebruary 2011May 2013
discasaurus.comLead Developer / Android & iPhone DevelopmentMay 2010Present
hollywire.comLead Developer / Project Manager / Support & TrainingSeptember 2009November 2011
certainsite.comLead Developer / Project ManagerAugust 2008Present
signalpoint.netLead DeveloperApril 2005Present
ftatv.comLead Developer / Support & TrainingMay 2007Present
thegnomonworkshop.comDeveloper / Video CMS / Video StatsOctober 2009March 2011
cupis.netLead Developer / Support & TrainingNovember 2008Present
surefireinstitute.comLead Developer / Support & TrainingOctober 2007Present
spikedhumor.comDeveloper / User XP System / User ManagementJuly 2005August 2007
shoutwire.comDeveloper / Feeds / User ManagementNovember 2005October 2006
linkbucks.comDeveloper / Referral Tracking & RedirectionMay 2006August 2007

Please click on the links above to read more about my roles and responsibilities with each project.