Drupal - Build a Mobile App to Geo Locate Node Content

In this tutorial we will explore how to build a mobile application for Android (iOS, iPhone, iPad) using PhoneGap and jQueryMobile that can be used to geo locate node content from a Drupal website. The mobile application will lookup the user's current location, then ask Drupal for a list of content closest to that user's location.

Tutorial Components

Drupal JSON Services Examples with PhoneGap and JQuery Mobile for Android

UPDATE: Please read this article for a much more detailed explanation on how to get PhoneGap up and running to communicate with Drupal Services.

Browse an Android Emulator SQLite Database in Eclipse

UPDATE - It appears the Questoid SQLite Browser is no longer available from the maker's website, sorry! Perhaps this link will be of use:

Create an Android Emulator SD Card and Write Data To It

Create the SD Card...

Let's create a 64MB sd card for our Android emulator, shall we?


From a terminal...

# cd ~/android-sdk-linux/tools
# ./mksdcard 64M ~/Desktop/sdcard.iso

Windows XP

From a DOS prompt...

cd C:\Program Files\android-sdk-windows\tools
mksdcard 64M c:\documents and settings\tyler\desktop\sdcard.iso

Now you can use the 'Eclipse Android SDK and AVD Manager' to create a new android virtual device that can use the path to the sd card you created.

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